TBIP 2018 Smart solutions

Smart City is a product of information driven devices, network of sensors and data analysis over cloud. On a whole Internet of Things serves as the core of Smart City Development.

The Internet of Things is about installing sensors (RFID, IR, GPS, laser scanners, etc.) for everything, and connecting them to the internet through specific protocols for information exchange and communications, in order to achieve intelligent recognition, location, tracking, monitoring and management. With the technical support from IoT, smart city need to have three features of being instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Only then a Smart City can be formed by integrating all these intelligent features at its advanced stage of IOT development.

The Next generation devices starting from a toothbrush, a fork, a refrigerator to the parking management system everything will have to be connected to a network and to be driven over the network in order to play a supportive role in smart city development. These devices have to designed, managed and updated by people who are IoT experts.

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