TBIP 2018 – The Biggest IoT Patronage 2018 is an event promoting the future technology of Internet of Things. It stand as great platform for Training, Competition of Ideas and Expo further concluded with Internship and Permanent job offers, Investment, Prizes& goodies worth INR 25 lakhs and more.

7 key Reasons why you should not miss TBIP 2018 If any of the following condition fits you, TBIP 2018 is something you should not miss –

1. If you feel programming is something not made for you and you don’t easily understand programming Languages.

TBIP covers basic programming modules Arduino(called as World’s easiest programming platform based on Embedded C) and Python(One of the mostly used programming platform which does almost everything).

2. If you feel you have kept yourself isolated from technical things and now you Would like to learn some technical skills in order to explore technology or to add something greatly worthy to your resume.

Training covers 10+ sensors interfacing, 5+ cloud platforms, multiple programming Languages, Hardware Platforms which will make you an expert in technology whether you are from electronics/ electrical or computer background.

3. If you have a dream to develop a product, get recognized for your innovation and talent, taking your product to the next level where you can practically develop it and show it to the world.

On the second stage of TBIP 2018, you can submit your idea and develop a prototype of it, pitch your product and grab prizes, investment to make it real.

4. If you are having thirst to touch practical and core face of technology, to perform the theoretical concepts & test them practically and to test your knowledge and become a skilled engineer from a qualified engineer.

The three stage module of TBIP 2018 can help you to learn the latest technologies starting from the core concepts and using the learnt concepts to design a new product/idea

5. If you are confused on which technology can give you a better job or you don’t know your interesting technical field.

IoT is the future which is going to have maximum opportunities. As it is not a single Technology, but combination of Cloud Computing, Embedded Systems, Networking, Data Security and many more, learning IoT will make you expert of these.

6. If you are looking for some sort of certification to add something good to your resume and make your profile more powerful

Get digitally verified 65 hour Trained Certificate of Completion from The Big IoT Platform - International. Also, Merit as per score in assess ment test and Winner Certificate for getting shortlisted to Grand Finale.

7. If you are a tech worm and you love almost everything related to internet, technology, APIs, cloud, controllers, processors & sensors etc.

TBIP 2018 is for you, to take your interest to next level, explore deeper into Internet of Things and all the technologies related to it.

Stop waiting and get enrolled now! Hurry up!!