• Are there any batches after January 2018?
    Yes, IoT Training is run round the year across Various centres in India by TBIPI solutions Pvt. Ltd.. But, Training Phase of the event ‘The Biggest IoT Patronage Season – I’ has got the last date of Training as 31st January, 2018.
  • Is Online Training available?
  • Due to some sudden change in plan, I won’t be available for the dates. Can I get the refund of registration fee?
    Yes, the registration amount can be refunded on cancellation request

    - Refund after Cancellation Charges deduction, INR 150/- till 25 days before Training date

    - Refund after 50% + Cancellation charges INR 150/- deduction till 7 days before Training date

    - Refund after 75% deduction + till 2 days before Training Date

    - No refund beyond the above cases

  • Can I pay the amount and book the slot without registration?
    We appreciate your interest.. But, registration takes only few minutes. However, if you wish to pay the amount of INR 999/- without step 1 of Registration, you may do the same by following the link http://tbipi.com/payment/ and write to us informing the details at help@tbipi.com or call us at +91-9063440892, +91-9618581799
  • Whom to contact regarding queries of class?
    Please write to us at help@tbipi.com or call us at +91-9063440892, +91-9618581799. The allotted Coordination Team will be glad to assist you.
  • Can I take hardware boards to home for practice?
  • If shortlisted in IDEAS, do I have to buy the required hardware for Prototypes?
    We love to support you and your IDEA which stand as solution to problems under multiple sectors Hence, the standard hardware kit will be provided by us for Prototype Development phase and the special/ advanced ones beyond these as per the Project/Product may be bought
  • Who will train us?
    One of the experts from Technical Panel will be allotted for your respective batch and domain in specific.
  • I have received the confirmation mail with slot allocation and venue but do not have the complete details of centre.
    The complete details of the centre you have been allotted in the respective chosen location will be sent to you through message/email as 2 days in prior. If not received, please write to us at help@tbipi.com or call us at +91-9063440892,+91-9618581799. Our Team will be glad to assist you.
  • Is there any prerequisite?
    Basic Knowledge of any programming language. To those without the programming Knowledge, Tutorials will be sent prior to the commencement.
  • Shall I have to get my laptop? If yes, what is the required configuration?
    Yes, laptop with 4GB RAM is recommended for hassle free practical sessions.
  • Will I be provided with take away software and study materials?
    Yes, specially designed study material will be given along with take away software
  • What is the process of Test?
    After the completion of Training, Test date will be allotted as per candidates’ comforts and slot Availability

Welcome to The Biggest IoT Patronage - 2018

We wish you to utilize the platform to fullest and make this a remarkable one in your learning towards bright career. Enjoy TBIP 2018!!

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