TBIP 2018

An initiative by TBIP 2018The Big IoT Platform – International (TBIPI)

TBIP 2018

IOT & Smart Solutions

Smart City is a product of information driven devices, network of sensors and data analysis over cloud. On a whole Internet of Things serves as the core of Smart City Development.

The Internet of Things is about installing sensors (RFID, IR, GPS, laser scanners, etc.) for everything, and connecting them to the internet through specific protocols for information exchange and communications, in order to achieve intelligent recognition, location, tracking, monitoring and management.

TBIP 2017

IOT & Jobs

TBIP 2018 – The Biggest IoT Patronage of India 2018, an event promoting the future technology Internet of Things. One single platform to get Training & Mentorship, competition to test your skills and at the end prizes, investment and internship to take your idea to the next level.

TBIP 2017 is for you, to take you interest to next level, explore more deeper into Internet of Things and all the technologies related to it. Stop waiting, go and get enrolled for TBIP 2018.

TBIP 2018

IOT & TBIP 2018

TBIP 2018 – The Biggest IoT Patronage 2018 is an event promoting the future technology of Internet of Things. It stand as great platform for Training, Competition of Ideas and Expo further concluded with Internship and Permanent job offers, Investment, Prizes& goodies worth INR 25 lakhs and more.

7 key Reasons why you should not miss TBIP 2018 If any of the following condition fits you, TBIP 2018 is something you should not miss –

TBIP 2018



Smart changes and solutions for better life with Internet of Things


Being a key change maker in multiple sectors of life

TBIPI, The Big IoT Platform International stands as one stop zone for services and solutions under Internet of Things (IoT). Domains of offerings by TBIPI cover corporate and Academia in a wide range spread across; with service and product oriented solutions. These include Training Programs, Workshops, Events, Consulting, Premier Partnering, IoT solutions, R&D Labs, Outsourcing in Corporate and Colleges/Schools of Academia.