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Sid: Hey Divya! Shall we start with IoT Jobs Article?

Divya: Absolutely!

Here we go-


What is today’s job market? What is one among the big things that will impact this decade and upcoming decades’ jobs? What are the technologies that will have a better growth rate? What are the jobs that pay more now& next?  These are the questions many are having whether a student, a working professional or a businessman.

The answer is,

Internet of Things

Simply, IoT

We are already experiencing the magic created by smartphones. We know the jobs it created. May be among the people reading this are also working on App development, designing games for smartphones, etc.  Smart Phone sector generated an income of $ 81.4 billion in 2013 & around $ 4 billion in 2016. It has changed our life style and with 4G, 5G it is in acceleration mode. Just one connected device i.e. smartphone has changed the way we live, talk, work & think.

Imagine if everything around is connected, the impact it is going to create and the jobs it will generate

IoT is neither a technology nor an idea but it is a term given to group of technologies (devices, internet, data, cloud, applications, platforms & products) coming together to make the things communicate with each other and with people.


These statistics will make you think of IoT again in a much bigger way

IoT market worldwide – US $ 328 billion by 2020 (INR485,42,97,089)

IoT software & service market–USD 262 billion

IoT devices --50 billion by 2020,and so lots of opportunities

Indian IoT market-- 15 billion (INR 22,19,95,294) by 2020 and growing  exponentially

Funding --US $ 60 million since 2014 in India

IoT firms – 120 in which >60% are start-ups

Impact on 1,20,000Jobs by 2021 in India

2.8% Growth rate -- USD 4.4 in Financial Year 2015 to USD 5.6 Financial Year 2016

World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB) are anticipating to provide loans of $ 500 million & $ 1 billion respectively to India for the development of Smart City project

Over 1 billion investments by the Indian government on building 100 smart cities every year for next 5 years.

IoT Transportation & logistics revenue is likely to reach USD 491 billion by 2020

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